Our Homeschooling Journey

We have just started our homeschooling journey, and guess what?

A few days ago I glanced at the calendar and realised that we have just passed the one month mark. WOW!! It has really been a rough month and the challenges are immense; yet, it’s so gratifying.

My children are at 3 very different levels although they are so close in age. My daughter is 5 and is learning to read using “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons”. She loves being read to, and has an extra large mouth which I’m hoping to downsize soon (positively).

Then, there’s the 3 year old who seems more interested in learning through other avenues (still figuring out what that is). One day he does all that he needs to for the day, the next day he is totally zoned out and that makes life as a homeschooling mom a real challenge.

Then there’s my playful 2-year-old, always wanting more of me than I have to give! Some days (like today), he was part of the group; that made school a breeze. Other days I need to get him distracted so that I can work with the other two.

The most important part of homeschooling for us is to plan. There are tons of info on the internet to assist with planning, but bear in mind that you need to look at what works for you and your children.

Sometimes everything only gets done a day or two later, but then I know that I might need to focus on time management more seriously.

Another factor that throws me off my bearings is that as a homeschooler, you always need to explain why you choose not to send the kids to school.

I am slowly learning how to tackle my challenges, because that’s exactly what it is: A CHALLENGE. Thus far, it been difficult because it is the start of a new lifestyle altogether, and it should be expected.

The truth is I love having to share this time with my children, and I know if I had to be back home in South Africa life would be too busy to share this lovely experience.

I pray everyday that God gives me the strength to carry on. I am sure that it is a positive move to homeschool and if for any reason I need to send the kids back to school, I know that I had a heart-to-heart learning experience with them!