Code of Conduct

Guidelines for children

Disruptive or harmful behavior (sand-throwing, spitting, hitting, biting, swearing, fighting, name-calling, teasing, taunting, etc.) by any child is not acceptable during a DUNEHA activity. Any child who is disruptive or harmful should simply and matter-of-factly be removed from participation, as quickly as possible. If a parent or guardian is unaware of a problem with a child’s behavior, it is expected that other parents noticing the situation will notify the parent or guardian, who will act accordingly. Our goal is to preserve the environment for the remainder of the children as a safe and harmonious place in which to play, learn, and make friends.

However, following a disruptive or harmful event, parents are strongly encouraged to return with their child to another event, and allow them to try participating again. In this way, we hope to reinforce in a non-punitive manner the desirability of positive social behavior among the children. We would ask that this method is undertaken each time a disruptive or harmful event occurs.

In addition, we also ask that children refrain from using their toys as weapons or from play fighting. In general, we discourage the use of electronic devices by students during DUNEHA meetups.

Guidelines for Adults

We recognize and celebrate the fact that our group is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, countries and lifestyles. We home-school in many different ways and for many different reasons. Our expectation is that everyone should be tolerant and tactful in their dealings with each other and be aware of, and responsive to, the needs of others in the group as much as possible.

  • At all times, we ask our members to respect the religion, culture, and traditions of the UAE and to obey the law.
  • We accept a wide range of parenting techniques, but hitting, spanking or shaming children in front of others are not considered acceptable.
  • It is neither expected nor desirable that parents should discipline children other than their own, except in emergency situations.
  • We ask that people do not smoke while at group activities.
  • Alcohol is always prohibited at DUNEHA activities.